Sunday, May 11, 2008

Car Options

My posts make more sense when the first posts are actually posted...

Option 1:

48-Month Lease
2009 Toyota Corolla
About $2000 due at signing

Gets excellent gas mileage
Lease = tax write off (part of it)

Big OOP cost
Insurance goes up over $50
The lease is for four years
12,000 miles/year

(Note: "due at signing" is very likely going to end up changing as part of the negotiations since we're buying 2 cars... one for us and one by my mom)

Option 2:

36-Month Lease
2008 PT Cruiser
$1995 due at signing

I've wanted a PT Cruiser since the first time I saw one, about three months after they came out.
Much more interior room; hubby is 6'4", I'm 5'10"
Easier for business to carry equipment
Lease is only for 3 years
Insurance goes up less than $20
Lease = tax write off (part of it)

Big OOP cost
Gas mileage sucks
(Note: The $2.99 gas card for three years only is a better deal than the Corolla if gas goes over $5.50/gallon)

Option 3:

5 year finance
2007 PT Cruiser
under 10,000 miles

Excellent price - under 11k drive-out price
Financing is same monthly payment as lease
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty
Own vehicle at the end
"New" used vehicle
Can trade in
No mileage worries

Monthly payments for five years
Not sure if we get the gas card or not

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