Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Extra Income: Wish me luck

I've put several things in motion to bring in more abundance in my life. One of them has been selling items on ebay; so far things are going well. I'm getting my feet wet and learning the easiest way to list and ship items so that I can commit to selling more.

The second project, the big one, is to focus on my writing. I have two books in progress, a children's book completed and ready to shop around, and many articles in varying stages of production.

Three minutes ago I sent out my first magazine submission. I should hear in 8-10 weeks. I expect rejection, however I'm picturing that check coming in the mail. I'm opening it, smiling, and running inside to show it to my mom and my husband. I'm picking up my daughter, twirling her around, and then sitting right down with a deposit slip. I'm putting on my shoes, grabbing my purse, and heading to the bank. I'm home again, at my computer, and I've just put the entire amount of the check towards a debt payment. I feel great.

Wish me luck!

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