Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Yesterday was my hubby's first father's day. We broke a few rules, but overall we had a lot of fun.

The Card: I handmade my husband's card. It's one of my favorites that I've ever made; I learned a really cool new technique that I've been experimenting since. I wrote a very sweet little inscription in the flap about how I always thought he'd be a good dad--but I was wrong. I had underestimated him; he's a GREAT dad. He got very teary. It was beautiful to watch. (side note: I admit it, scrapbooking and cardmaking are on the top 10 list of "hobbies that people trying to increase their wealth should get addicted to". There's always something new and exciting to buy!)

The Gifts: Mom and I had gone to WalMart earlier in the week. They had coffee beans on sale. I got him a pound of extra bold beans and some espresso truffles in dark chocolate. One of the ways we've saved money is that we don't get him coffee or beer every week. We save those things for special occasions. It really has turned an every-day item into a decadent treat (speaking coffee, not beer). He was very excited about both, especially, I think, the chocolate. Usually I'm the one trying to make a bag of excellent chocolate last for weeks, and I admit I'm not all that great at sharing!

The Time: We had a good friend come over and babysit. She's been asking a lot lately and even though mom was going to be home for most of the time we'd be gone I went ahead and invited her over to sit. She and babygirl adore each other. We decided to hit a matinée movie (The Incredible Hulk--he wanted to see it, I didn't really, but I did end up enjoying it!) to save some money and avoid the larger evening crowds. We avoided $3.00 parking by saving our ticket stub. We had also stopped at Walgreen's and gotten a few favorite candies. I don't see the point in paying concession stand prices: $4.50 for a small soda! So yes, we broke the rules by sneaking in our own stuff, shame on us. For supper we went to Longhorn. He got a Coke and I got sweet tea. (This was a splurge for us.) We split a 9 oz fillet and he got the baked potato and I got the salad. Between the sides, the bread, the drinks, and the 9 oz of meat, both of us were full. I can't imagine paying for two plates when one does the trick. Very yummy. After babygirl went to bed we did as well. (Free entertainment and free exercise, who can beat that?)

I forgot to have him write a few things for the Father's Day scrapbook page I want to do, but he agreed to do that tonight. All in all it was a great day.

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