Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Goal: Find and purchase a queen-sized bed without it costing us any money from our regular income.

Part I: We found out that a friend and her husband were selling their Queen-sized bed. We expressed interest. After some bargaining we agreed on $180.00. The original price was $200.00, but as none of us have a truck they took off $20.00 to help pay for us to rent one.

Part II: Money

To rent the truck (including gas, etc.) was $71.91. I can't believe it. We were thinking it would be around $40.00. Crazy! We applied the unexpected 44.65 that we got back from the car dealership (for the tag) to this and ended up with a difference of 27.26.

In an earlier post I described how I sold our twin bed, which we bought for $50.00, for $60.00 awhile ago and I sold my table cart to a student for $50.00. I gave the couple this $110.00 when we picked up the bed. This means we owe them $70.00 when they come this Sunday.

I transferred 69.87 from my paypal account to my bank account. This was all from selling stuff from around the house. Go me!

And, to top it all off, I sold our double bed, which we bought for $150.00 for $175.00 this morning.

Maybe I should get into the mattress business?

Part III: Where's the rest going?

This month has sucked for me business-wise. The good thing about selling things around the house is that it has raised funds not only to cover the very comfy queen mattress but also to cover some of the appointments that I missed because clients were on vacation or dealing with kids just out on summer break.

Part IV: Was it worth it?

You may say that a mattress upgrade was not necessary. I disagree. To picture this: my husband is 6'4". He's rather trim, but even then he's got a very large chest and wide shoulders. I'm 5'10" and about forty lbs overweight. Neither of us could stretch out on the bed on our back and have our feet be on the bed! We were barely making a double bed work and frankly weren't getting good sleep. We were beating each other up in the middle of the night. Our sleep quality has increased tremendously since picking up the bed last Tuesday. In the past week I've had less headaches and back pain and I feel much more refreshed. He's reported similar results. It was totally worth it.

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