Friday, June 13, 2008

June thus far

June is always a slow month for me business-wise. This year has not been an exception. I'm hoping things pick up, otherwise the lovely bonus that hubby brought home is going to make up for my lack of income.

I was offered a sideline of income yesterday. I had a nice conversation with some ladies at the craft store (yes, I stayed within my budget and yes, everything I bought was on sale, and yes, the purchase was planned) and they asked me to come out and teach them basic techniques. "We'll pay you, of course!" And of course I agreed! We've been emailing back and forth. Not sure what will come of it, but I'm excited. I love crafts and would love to teach for money.

This makes me kick myself for not going ahead and signing up as a Stampin'Up demonstrator during SaleABration. I am not a MLM type girl. I wanted it for the discount and the fact that their products really are lovely and high-quality. During the celebration it was 20% off the kit (which is already a huge value) plus an additional $50 towards any one stamp set. *sighs* I may still go ahead with it. That's a whole other post.

Meanwhile we got $44 back from the dealership in the form of a check. They refunded the difference between what the registration cost and what we had paid them for it. That was a happy surprise.

Hubby rented a uhaul last night and took off with our best guy-friend to go pick up a bed that we bought from another couple. By selling some household items that we weren't using I managed to get $110/$180 that we agreed on. We'll sell the bed we have now for between $150 and $175 quite easily. I'm surprised the truck rental is going to be close to $60 (including the gas he put in it). They charge $0.70/mile now! I hate that we don't have any friends with trucks anymore.

We managed to stock up on chicken and beef at $1.88 lb for cuts that are normally quite a bit more. I'm so glad to have meat stockpiled. I can cook really well, and I love doing it, but it's hard to go to the pantry and make a meal out of the things we'd scored on before. With meat the possibilities are almost endless. I have 11 meals of chicken and at least six of beef at my fingertips. And, considering that we eat many, many vegetarian meals during the week, our stockpile should last us for quite some time. Yay!

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