Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Electricity!

Okay, you're probably reading this post for some secret to cutting your utility bill. My "secret", however, is more about a promotion from the yummy makers of Silk Soymilk rather than a way to help the average Joe save money.

This is a quote from an email I received from Bzzagent Jono (I'll write more about Bzzagent at some point soon!):

Did you know that Silk offsets 100% of the electricity used to make their products with clean, renewable wind power? This saves 17,500 tons of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere every year. Wow!

Want to help the environment too? Get ready to Go Green! The Silk® Green Caps for Green Energy program is back again, so be on the lookout for Silk cartons with a green cap (like the ones shown here).

Make sure to head over to the Silk site to help the earth--one green cap at a time. Just visit the website, enter the UPC code from your carton, and Silk will donate enough money to power a home for one day! You could even win a Green Home Makeover!

Oh yeah,, will also email you a $0.55 coupon towards your next silk purcahse.

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