Monday, April 21, 2008

Why we do bottled water

Bottled water is expensive and wasteful according to most people. Not to mention that many experts cite is as being no better than tap water in many cases. So why do we buy it?
  • We always provide our customers with a bottle of water after their massage.
  • I always have a bottle of water with me in the car which I refill from our tap or from a water dispenser in a waiting room. (I use a new bottle every day.)
  • Having a bottle with a cap on my night stand has stopped me from bathing electronic devices like our charging cell phones and alarm clocks. I don't have to worry about finding a spider in my drink. (This has happened before with a glass of water!)
  • I can take put a sealed bottle of water in my diaper bag along with some powder and mix a bottle when needed. It doesn't need to be in the fridge and I've wasted much less formula this way by mixing on demand.
Not the best reasons ever, but good enough for us. So how do we save money?

This last week Dasani was on sale for $3.99 for a 24-pack. This is a really good price for most bottled water and especially for Dasani. I purchased four cases and went to another Walgreens that was out for a rain check for four more. This allows me to go back when I'm on my last case and get it for the same price.

As I've mentioned above I reuse my personal bottle. I don't leave it in a hot car or use it for more than one day. This helps keep bacterial growth and plastic leeching to a minimum.

We recycle, which doesn't save us money immediately. I do believe it saves it in the long run by preserving resources.

Giving clients a bottle of water is much more appreciated than a simple paper cup. It doesn't cost a whole lot ($0.17/bottle) and it creates a lot of good will. Plus I can attach a special handmade holder that has our business card, a referral postcard, and a small chocolate. This is impressive and they take our information with them.

We have our own bottled water for events and in the car so we don't end up paying $1.00 for a bottle. (I've often thought about being a water-only-vendor at craft shows and such. We'd make a killing!)


Lise said...

Hi Lizz! You commented on my blog this morning and I thought I'd come over and take a look at yours.

I think giving your massage clients a bottle of water and a chocolate is indeed a great idea to build a rapport with them. It seems like you have a great deal of business expertise, too, so I think you know what the return is better than I do.

Personally, however, I don't believe there's much value in drinking bottled water oneself. Oh, I can see the value of the bottle - just not the water itself. If the water's cold, I taste no difference between tap and bottled water. (There was actually a great episode of Penn & Teller: BS where they gave people hose water at a "water bar" just to see if they could taste the difference). Tap water is also more regulated than bottled water; bottled water doesn't even have to meet FDA guidelines if it doesn't cross state lines.

If you'd like the benefit of the bottle without the expense of bottled water, I'd suggest getting a Nalgene bottle or some such and filling it with tap water when you need it.

But I'll fully admit I'm privileged in that I have well water rather than city or town water, which may not be as pleasing to the palate.

Catalyst said...

That's a good idea. I've had several sizes of the bottles to carry around with me. I've found their are pretty noticeable though. A bottle of water can be open and hiding behind a candle or something at work so that I can be more discrete in sipping while massaging. On the days I don't work I usually just use a glass with water in it. (Using the bottles on days that I'm working or going out.)