Sunday, April 20, 2008

How I saved over $400 in Twenty Minutes

I called our cable service and told them that we had gotten a competing offer from Verizon. I joked around about, "my hubby's friend just got the Verizon Fios and now my hubby wants it to. I'm hoping you can do something for me to help me convince him to stick with you."

This is what we got:
- Added phone service for $13 a month
- Waived installation fee of said service
- Free HBO for one year
- Rate guaranteed for one year (at which point I will renegotiate again)

Because we will now have phone service through Comcast I can cancel our Verizon phone service. This is a savings of of $32.00 per month.

Then my AAA bill came in the mail. After a brief chat with hubby I called Geico and asked them about their roadside assistance. I'm saving over $40 for the year by doing it through my insurance company.

$32 x 12 = $384
384 + 40 = $424

I saved $424 in twenty minutes.

I recommend that you take the time to negotiate your bills as well.

The post that sparked my motivation at No Credit Needed

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