Monday, April 21, 2008

The Secret and Zero-Budgeting: Making them non-exclusive

I am going to be using the zero-based budgeting method starting in May. I'm trying to find a way to reconcile this idea with The Secret.

I'm saying, "The Secret," because it's a popular book and DVD that summarizes a strong belief in "how things work" that we've ascribed to for years. One of the subjects the DVD, which we've only recently watched, tackles is debt and finances.

When you think about any certain topic or event, especially if you have strong feelings toward it, you send out a burst of thought to the universe which is amplified and then eventually returned to you. You attract what you focus on.

According to The Secret, those who focus on debt only get more debt. Those who focus on abundance and having plenty get more and have lots.

We put this into play about a month ago and the results were amazing. I focused on specifically receiving lots of checks in the mail. I pictured myself going out to the mailbox, opening the door, and finding an envelope with a check in it. Then I "felt" what it would feel like, pictured the excitement of depositing the check into the bank account, and so forth. According to The Secret you must really FEEL it.

Within 48-hours I had received a check for over $250 in the mail. I also had seen my mother who handed me an envelope. One of her friends had gotten a bonus at retirement and she had decided to distribute it to a few people she knew who could really use it. The envelope had $200 in cash.

More checks started coming. A lot of times they were comical; here's a $20 check and oh yeah cashing this signs you up for (fill in the blank). Some were "checks" for automobile sales. But the point is, they were checks.

I kept picturing this and amazing things happened. The insurance company had settled with our midwife and they changed their minds! Instead of paying her part of the fee they paid it off entirely. I should get my refund of $600 from my deposit any day now.

So I know this works. We've used it for years (before anyone had heard of "The Secret") to get parking spots or arrive at a deli before the line built up. This is simply the first time we've ever thought to apply it to money.

Well, that's not entirely true. We've always had "enough". Somehow we always knew we'd have enough, no matter what. If my business fell short one month, suddenly the pool table we'd been trying to sell got snatched up for our asking price. Things like that happened all the time.

Now we're focusing on those checks coming in and on having MORE. Not on having "enough". We've got that part. Enough to cover all the bills that "have" to be payed. Not necessarily enough to go out to eat or buy the fun toys. (Hello, debt!)

We're moving forward in the real-world too. By leaps and bounds compared to where we were before.

I just need to fix this in my head. How a zero-based budget system will work. I don't want to focus on their being "nothing" at the end of the month. I need to find a way to "put it" in my head that is a positive spin where the two can work together.

Maybe some of these ways will work:
  • We have so much money that I can pay myself first.
  • Our money is being allocated wisely so that every penny has its place.
  • Our savings account is increasing exponentially because of our abundance.
  • I know where every dollar goes and I know it's increasing our abundance every day.
Note that I'm not saying, "our savings is increasing while our debt decreases." I am not going to focus on putting out "debt" when I do my focus sessions several times a day. I'm even concerned that writing about debt so much is going to "put it out there".

Maybe if I look at our debt as "a step" to increasing our savings. It's something that we just need to overcome, no more difficult really than wiping down the counters before cooking a good meal. It's going to be "easy" and "fast".

And yes, I realize that's not the "reality" of it. I get that. The difficulty, focus, and effort required are why we're still in debt in the first place. However, I want to focus on creating abundance rather than dwelling on mistakes. Does that make sense?

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